Lottie Animations

Add dynamic, high-quality animations to your WordPress site with the free Lottie Animation widget for Elementor. No coding, just pick the needed animation and customize its look!

Lottie Widget Default Style

Select an animation from the Lottie Animation Library and embed it into your site in a few clicks. Customize its size, rotation speed and more.

Animate Lottie Widget on Scroll

Turn on Lottie animations only when they are visible on the page – so that your site visitors can see the entire animation progress.

Play Lottie Animation on Hover

Trigger animations only on mouse hover! Reduce excessive motion, allow website visitors to trigger only those animations they are interested in.

Free Animation Settings

Reverse animation, rotation speed, play on hover, alignment and more settings are completely free in the widget.

Seamless Performance

Lottie animations are by default much more lightweight than PNG or GIF files. They will easily play on any device.

Easy Customization

Download free or premium Lottie animation files and add them to your Elementor site without any coding.